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The magazine for spirit seekers, dream chasers and wellness warriors

Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine is a free-spirited and earth-friendly independent digital magazine delivered via the Apple App Store and H+W online shop. 

Each issue is designed to help you foster inner peace, adopt a more conscious lifestyle, master the art of meditation, nourish your body with balanced nutrition and find spiritual practices that enhance your life and wellness.

This magazine is the goods. Dreamy yet down-to-earth. Spiritual yet sassy. It’s the ultimate guide to health, wellness and grabbing life by the balls. The perfect blend of inspiration and action, Yin and Yang, nourishment and encouragement. Move over Cosmo, H+W Mag knows what the new-age woman is truly craving and they give you just that, soaked in soul and infused with love!” ~ Meg O’Sullivan, Adventuring Home

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Issue #29: Spirit Rituals Edition

Invite magic, abundance and ritualistic healing into your new year experience with our special Spirit Rituals Edition of Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine. Featuring the stunning Naaz Ali from Earth Elements, this issue is devoted to helping guide you towards a happier + more well 2016. 

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We want you to have access to everything you need to discover, learn + implement a holistically happy + well lifestyle.

Which is why in addition to our monthly digital magazine, we have also handcrafted a dedicated online space filled to the brim with nourishing goodness and life-enhancing resources, tools and information.

We call this space our Happy Blog.

We invite you to wander over, flick through our collection of articles and enjoy our energetically charged + nurturing space whenever you feel like a happy + well boost.

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